Solo Show at The Maryland Institute College of Art, Gateway Gallery 1

On View from October 29th - December 9th 2017

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Artist Statement: 

Earth is the beginning and end of all life; earth is flesh and Flesh is Earth. To be human is to be of earth.

Clay is a material of spaces that are endless and momentary. It is rock weathered down over thousands of years by water and wind to become malleable, a material we can touch and feel. Clay is physical evidence of time, what was before, what is now and what is to come.

I’m drawn, pulled by a physical need in my body to make with this material. The process is an experience both physical and intense, dirt and fire and ash fusing together by my hand.

What is it to experience the world, and this material, as a physical body?

This work came from the coarse wind and warm sun on my skin, the fluctuating strength of my grip, the blood pulsing in my veins. It’s the memory of hands on hips, the warmth of rum in my belly, a droplet of cold rain settling on my lip. They are evidence of reveling in my own physicality.  

I’m inspired by these embodied experiences of wind and hands, dirt and flame. These works are evidence of memory caught and remembered in the flesh.


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